Hetalia Fantasia 3 – Track 00 “Our Tale so Far”

Italy: Here’s a recap of what happened last time! After battling a ferocious dragon, I managed to obtain the legendary sword Pastina! Thanks to the legendary sword, I was able to beat the pulp out of the main bad guy in the overlord’s castle. After I beat him, we became friends and then he said, “I shall give back the princess!” Then this totally gorgeous princess appeared. The princess and I then…

Germany: That’s all wrong! All that happened was that you and Iceland got lost inside the game!

Italy: Oh ve~, you’re right! Germany, are there any princesses that appear in this game?

Germany: If memory serves, there wasn’t anything written in the instruction manual about a princess… Good grief. If time allows, I’ll contact them. We need to meet in game now!

Italy: Aye aye, captain!

Narrator: This is Hetalia Fantasia. It’s a place where people from all around the world can gather and venture in a beautiful world reminiscent of a fairy tale. To be frank though, it’s just an incredibly ordinary, not innovative in any way, run-of-the-mill fantasy MMO RPG.

Japan: With this large-scale game update, you are now able to adventure in the The Southern Island – Victoria. Please do visit and experience the southern, tropical ambiance of Victoria.

America: And if you level up your character to level 50, you’ll receive a “Moving Statue of Liberty” card that’ll allow you to use your very own movable Lady Liberty!

Japan: Ah, you must mean the legendary skill that makes a person’s personal computer emit a dreadful scratching noise?

America: The very one! It’s a grand skill that intelligently ignores the computer’s specs and pushes it to the limit!

Japan: And you are making that technique available for everyone to use? Everyone’s personal computer is going to emit a scratching noise?

America: You betcha! Let’s get scratching! DO IT!

Japan: I’ve stopped it. I have stopped this idea from coming to fruition during the planning stages. And with that, we humbly invite you to a most scratching experience in The Southern Island.

America: That’s right! Challenge the limit’s of your computer, everyone!

China: Aiya! Are you guys trying to bully my computer?!

Everyone: Hetalia Fantasia 3!

Narrator: In our last adventure, Italy just reunited with a leveled up Germany and Japan after getting lost. Now in Eastern Europe, it seems that a new tale has just begun to take its course.