Hetalia Fantasia 2 – Track 01 “Prologue”

Narrator: This is Hetalia Fantasia, a place where people from around the world can adventure in a beautiful world and experience fairy tale-like adventures. It’s still just a run of the mill MMO game, though. Today’s story involves our usual cast of characters gathered in this game.

America: Hetalia Fantasia is currently running a double exp event! Also, any monsters you destroy have a 25% chance of dropping a colored hamburger! Collect all 7 rainbow burgers before the event ends!

Japan: Successfully collecting all 7 rainbow burgers will allow you to trade them for a bunny ears headband!

Germany: Seriously, who are you trying to appeal to here with this event!?

Everyone: Hetalia Fantasia 2!

Narrator: Now then, we begin our story in the very first town. Everyone seems to still be here. I wonder what they’re doing?