Axis Power Hetalia Community Master List

This is a list of all the communities that exist for Hetalia. Including pairing-specific comms, kink meme, and doujinshi comms. The majority of comms are located on LJ. Some, however, are forums. If you have a community that is not listed here, please reply to this post to have it added.

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Last Update: 2012.04.06

Communities with a gray background have been innactive for over a year. (Last Check: 2012.04.05)
→This is based on the "Last Updated" date under a community's profile, as some communities have member-locked posts.

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All PairingsINFO | Hetalia Pairs
APH Shipping Community (Italian)
Het PairingsINFO | Motherlands and Fatherlands
INFO | Het Hetalia
Rare PairingsINFO | Hetalia Rare Pair
Yuri PairingsINFO | Hetalia Yuri
America/BelarusINFO | Knifeburger
INFO | Snow Child Hero
America/CanadaINFO | USAxCanada
America/ChinaINFO | Panda Burger
America/EnglandINFO | USxUK
INFO | Hambuscone (Spanish)
America/JapanINFO | USAxJapan
America/LithuaniaINFO | Outsourcing
America/RomanoINFO | Hold the Tomato
America/UkraineINFO | Supersizes
Austria/HungaryINFO | Manly Glasses
Austria/SwitzerlandINFO | Austro Swiss
Belarus/LithuaniaINFO | Finger Bending
Belarus/UkraineINFO | Belaraine
Canada/SeyschellesINFO | Maple Syrup & Tuna Fush
Canada/UkraineINFO | The Canada x Ukraine Haven
Cuba/CanadaINFO | Maple and Cigars
Denmark/Finland + Sweden/NorwayINFO | [Denmark/Finland] [Sweden/Norway]
Denmark/NorwayINFO | Denmark x Norway
Denmark/SwedenINFO | Denmark x Sweden
England/CanadaINFO | UKxCanada
England/ChinaINFO | Kouchagumi
England/EnglandINFO | Englandcest
England/JapanINFO | Love and Tea
England/SealandINFO | Seafort
INFO | Bad Fathers
INFO | Raining Tomatoes
Estonia/LatviaINFO | The Lonely Ones, The Fearful Ones
France/AmericaINFO | A Movable Feast
France/CanadaINFO | Maple and Roses
France/EnglandINFO | What The FrUk
INFO | This's FrUK (Spanish)
France/GermanyINFO | Veille Amour
France/LithuaniaINFO | Minosis
France/RussiaINFO | Rose and Sunflower
France/SeychellesINFO | France x Seychelles
France/SpainINFO | France x Spain
Germany/AmericaINFO | Fasnacht Day
Germany/AustriaINFO | das Lied
Germany/CanadaINFO | Germanada
Germany/Italy (Veneziano)INFO | Gertalia
Gerita e Spamano Fanforum (Italian)
INFO | Mein Bruder
INFO | Daily Germancest
Germany/Romano & Prussia/RomanoINFO | Potato VS Tomato
Greece/JapanINFO | Giripan
Greece/SpainINFO | Tomato Kitties
HRE/ChibitaliaINFO | Origins of Love
Hong Kong/IcelandINFO | High School Boys Couple
Hong Kong/TaiwanINFO | Fragrant Plum
Iceland/LiechtensteinINFO | Lavaribbons
Italy/ChinaINFO | Silk Pasta
Italy/Romano/ItalyINFO | North and South
Japan/ChinaINFO | Unmistakable
INFO | Aiya, Yonsennen
Japan/TaiwanINFO | Chrysanthemum & Plum
Korea/AmericaINFO | Kimchi Burger
Korea/CanadaINFO | Kimchi Eh
Korea/ChinaINFO | KimchiBun
Lithuania/ChinaINFO | Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations
Lithuania/PolandINFO | Golden Liberty
Netherlands/BelgiumINFO | Tulip Siblings
Netherlands/CanadaINFO | Tulips & Weed
Netherlands/RussiaINFO | Scarves 'n' Flowers
Norway/IcelandINFO | Norway Iceland
Poland/HungaryINFO | A Fashionable Relationship
Prussia/AmericaINFO | Awesome Hero
Prussia/AustriaINFO | Damned Regret
Prussia/BelgiumINFO | Chips 'n Beer
Prussia/CanadaINFO | Prussia x Canada
Prussia/EnglandINFO | Drunken Disorder
Prussia/HungaryINFO | Prussia x Hungary
Prussia/Italy/GermanyINFO | PIG
Prussia/PrussiaINFO | Awesome x Awesome
Prussia/Spain/PrussiaINFO | Drunken Tomato
Prussia/SwitzerlandINFO | Chicks and Guns
Romano/BelgiumINFO | Spaghetti and Belgian Waffles
Rome/ChinaINFO | Silk Road Romance
Russia/AmericaINFO | RussiAmerica
INFO | Longed Spring (Spanish)
Russia/BelarusINFO | Sadist OTP
Russia/CanadaINFO | Suteki Yuki
INFO | Russia x China
INFO | Panda Fans
INFO | The Rochu Squad
Russia/JapanINFO | Russiallergy
Russia/LatviaINFO | Shaking Love
Russia/LithuaniaINFO | Love Tap
Russia/PrussiaINFO | Komradeship
Russia/UkraineINFO | The Warmest Place
Sealand/LatviaINFO | Toy Armada
Spain/AmericaINFO | Sunshiney Skies
Spain/AustriaINFO | Haus Hapsburg
Spain/BelarusINFO | Snow and Sun
Spain/BelgiumINFO | Citrus Constellation
Spain/CanadaINFO | Snowy Siesta
Spain/RomanoINFO | Tomato Amado
Gerita e Spamano Fanforum (Italian)
Sweden/FinlandINFO | Must Like Dogs
Switzerland/BelgiumINFO | Chocolate Neutrality
Switzerland/CanadaINFO | Swiss Cheese and Maple Syrup
Switzerland/LiechtensteinINFO | Swiss Liech
Turkey/EgyptINFO | One Thousand Years
Turkey/GreeceINFO | Myths N Legends

All Asian nations
INFO | Hetalia Azns
Asians (East)
China, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan
INFO | Ink Stones
Asians (East)
China, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand
INFO | E.A.S.T.//A.S.I.A
Axis Love
Germany, Italy, Japan
INFO | Axis Love
Bad Friends Trio
Spain, Prussia, France
INFO | In Threesome
INFO | Bad Friends Forever
Baltic Nations
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
INFO | Baltic Nations
Female Characters
Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Etc
INFO | Hetalia Ladies
Franco-Anglo Family
US, UK, France, Canada
INFO | Papa Fr x Momma UK
Germanic Family
Prussia, HRE, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germania, Hungary
INFO | Beer and Blonds
Italian Territories
North Italy, South Italy, Seborga, Etc
INFO | Italia, Mysterious Country
Mediterranean Nations
Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, etc
INFO | Hetalia Mediterraneo
Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland
INFO | Kalmarunionen
Ottoman Empire
Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Hungary, Bulgaria
INFO | Ottomans
Southern Continents
Africa, Oceania & South America Nations
INFO | APH Southern Continent Nations

AmericaINFO | Hamburger Street
Uke AmericaINFO | The Uke America Community
Ancient RomeINFO | Ancient Rome Fan Community
AustraliaINFO | Fair Dinkum B.A.M.F.
BelgiumINFO | Sweets and Beer
CanadaINFO | Hetanada
ChinaINFO | Wang Yao, aru!
DenmarkINFO | Axe Crazy
EnglandINFO | Yousei-San
Seme EnglandINFO | Semely Scones
FranceINFO | That Wine Bastard
EstoniaINFO | Binary Genius
GermanyINFO | Reich of Kuchen
Uke GermanyINFO | Doitsuke
Italy (North)INFO | Pasta For All
LithuaniaINFO | Love For Liet
NetherlandsINFO | Windmanly
PolandINFO | Europe's Bicycle
INFO | Five Meters
INFO | Vital Regions Get
INFO | Oresama no Comu (Spanish)
RomanoINFO | Mister Moustache
RussiaINFO | The Sunflower Fields
SpainINFO | Tomato Boss
Uke SpainINFO | Tomato Garden
Shinatty-ChanINFO | Shinatty Honey
TaiwanINFO | Taiwan Miracle
UkraineINFO | Large Tracts of Love

Administrative DivisionsINFO | Jigsaw Nations
America + StatesINFO | Nation Plus Fifty
Ancient NationsINFO | Death by God
All Original NationsINFO | Nation Slash
British IslesINFO | Fairy Friends
Latin AmericaINFO | Hetalia Latina
Latin America (Spanish)INFO | Latin Hetalia
Nations x HumansINFO | In Allegiance
Oceania and South East AsiaINFO | The Forgotten Continent of the World
England/PortugalINFO | Codfish Pub
Scotland/FranceINFO | The Auld Alliance
Spain/PortugalINFO | Tomato with Cod

All: Crossover Fan WorksINFO | Outside the Hetalia Universe
All: Fan Work ChallengesINFO | Hetachallenge
All: FluffINFO | Hetalia: On the Bright Side
All: On This Day Fan WorksINFO | On This Day
All: Serious Fan WorksINFO | Hetalia Un-Cracked
All: Steampunk Fan WorkINFO | Steam Powers Hetalia
Cosplay: GuidlinesGuidelines for Cosplay
Cosplay: GeneralINFO | Hetalia Cosplay
Cosplay: General (Swedish)INFO | Svenska Hetalia Cosplayare
Cosplay: Perú (Spanish)INFO | Hetalia Perú
Cosplay: Hetalia FantasiaINFO | Hetalia Fantasia Cosplay
Fanart: GeneralINFO | Hetaliart
Fanart: Oekaki BoardHetakaki
Fanfiction: GeneralINFO | Hetalia Fic
Fanfiction: GeneralINFO | Love & Pens
Fanfiction: General (French)INFO | Hetalia Fic Fr
Fanfiction: AssistanceINFO | APH Footnotes
Fanfiction: Feedback (USUK Only)INFO | The Special Relationship Writers' Workshop
Fanfiction: Haiku PoetryINFO | Hetalia Haiku
Fanfiction: HistoricalINFO | Historical Hetalia
Fanfiction: NC-17INFO | Hetaliafic X
Icons: GeneralINFO | Hetalia Icons
Icons: Authorized GraphicsINFO | Hetalicons
Other: FSTsINFO | World Radio
Other: GraphicsINFO | Hetalia Graphics
Other: Paper ChildrenINFO | Hetalia Paper
Other: Paper CraftsINFO | Papertalia
Other: SimsINFO | Hetalia Sims

America Rare Pair FestINFO | The America Rare Pair Fest
APH Badfics ExchangeINFO | Axis Powers Hetalia Badfic Exchange
APH FluffathonINFO | APH Fluffathon
Historical Fanworks ExchangeINFO | The Hetalia Historical Fanworks Exchange
Minibang ChallengeINFO | Minibang Challenge
Rare Pair ExchangeINFO | Hetalia Rarepairs Exchange
Secret Santa - America/JapanINFO | Ameripan Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - America/RussiaINFO | America x Russia Holiday Exchange
Secret Santa - All Pairings & CharactersINFO | Hetalia Secret Santa
Secret Santa - Eastern EuropeINFO | Santa Exchange for Eastern Europe Nations
Secret Santa - France/SpainINFO | France-Spain Secret Santa 2010
Secret Santa - Germany/ItalyINFO | Germany x Italy Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - Greece/JapanINFO | Greece/Japan Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - Lithuania/PolandINFO | Lithuania/Poland Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - NordicsINFO | Nordic 5 Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - Russia/ChinaINFO | RoChu Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - Slavic NationsINFO | Slavic Secret Santa Exchange
Secret Santa - Spain/RomanoINFO | Spain/Romano Gift Exchange
Secret Santa - Yuri PairingsINFO | Yuritalia: A Hetalia Yuri Secret Santa
Summer Exchange - Sunny SideINFO | Hetalia Sunshine
Valentine ExhangeINFO | Valentalia
Winter Exhange - Greece/JapanINFO | Giripan Winter Exhange

Anon MemeINFO | Anon Meme
Anon Meme 2.0INFO | Anon Meme 2.0
Kink MemeINFO | Hetalia Kink
Kink Meme (Spanish)INFO | Hetalia Kink Meme Hispano
Kink IndexINFO | Hetalia Kindex
Austria/Prussia Kink IndexINFO | The English Vice
England Kink IndexINFO | The English Vice
FrUK Kink IndexINFO | Give a FrUK
Kink Aid
INFO | APH Kink Aid
INFO | APH Kink Aid 2
Kink RequestINFO | APH Kink Request
MpregINFO | Breeding World

Correspondence: OmegleINFO | Hetalia Omegle
Correspondence: PenpalsINFO | Postcards from Italy
Discussion: GeneralINFO | World Conference
Discussion: Daily LifeINFO | My Life Is Hetalia
Discussion: DebateINFO | Hetalia Right Wing Nuts
Discussion: HappyINFO | Love Makes the World Go 'Round
Discussion: In-depthINFO | Hetalia Discuss
Discussion: Official EventsINFO | Hetalia Event Comm
Discussion: SportsINFO | Hetalia Sports
Discussion: WankINFO | Hetalia Wank
Doujinshi: GeneralINFO | Hetalia Doujin
Doujinshi: Russia/ChinaINFO | Red Dawn
Forum: HetaforumHetaforum
Interest: Genderbent NationsINFO | Nyotalia
INFO | Hetalia 63
Interest: Hetalia GuroINFO | Hetalia Guro
Resource: Comic Translations (French)INFO | Hetalia Francophone
Resource: Himaruya's Blog TranslationsINFO | Bamboo Thicket
Resource: Hetalia LJ Daily NewsletterINFO | Hetalia Daily
Resource: Hetalia Merchandise DatabaseINFO | Hetalia Merchandise Database
Resource: Official News Updates (Twitter)Hetalia News
Resource: RequestINFO | APH Request
Other: Kitayume WorksINFO | Kitayumeverse
Other: SalesINFO | Hetalia Sell
Other: ScansINFO | Hetalia Scans
Other: RateINFO | Hetalia Rate

Conventions / Meet upsINFO | APH Cons
Hetalia DayINFO | Hetalia Day +
IndonesiaINFO | Hetanesia
SingaporeINFO | Singapore Powers
UKINFO | British Hetalia Fans
UK - North-WestINFO | Hetalia North-West
USA - Florida (Northwest)INFO | NW FL Axis Powers Hetalia Group
USA - Michigan (Southwest)INFO | Southwest Michigan Hetalia
USA - New EnglandINFO | New England Fans
USA - New MexicoINFO | New Mexico Fans
USA - New York (Western)INFO | Western New York Hetalia
USA - New York, New York CityINFO | Hetalia NYC Friendlies!
USA - OhioINFO | Nations Unite OH

Dutch ( Nederlands )INFO | HetaliaNL
Finnish ( Suomi )INFO | APH Sauna
French ( Français )INFO | Hetalia Fr
German ( Deutsch )INFO | Deutsches Hetalia Forum auf LJ + Hetaitsu
Italian ( Italiano )INFO | Buono Tomato! + APH Italian Forum
Japanese ( 日本語 )INFO | Hetalia JPN
PhilippinesINFO | Hetalia Ph
Polish ( Polski )INFO | Hetalia PL
Portuguese ( Português )INFO | Hetalia Br
Spanish ( Español )INFO | Comunidad de Hetalia en Español
Swedish ( Svenska )INFO | Svenska Hetalia-siten