Sorry again for the lack of updates. I have been wanting to work on the site, but I am currently awaiting the arrival of a new computer. I’m trying not to do a lot of updates so I don’t have a lot of confusing back up info to go through.

I did get some completed blog translations up the other day. I had posted them on tumblr previously, but here they are here:

2011/10/11 – Repliez
2011/08/25 – I got the fake sword of my dreams!
2011/07/28 – Rubber straps second level
2011/07/05 – I tried to summarize a country that has little info in Japanese – Seychelles
2011/03/30 – The index has been updated!
2010/12/14 – Hetalia Fantasia 2
2010/07/16 – Index

I’ll get more updated after I get my new computer in.

Also, thank you to the kind person who sent me a ko-fi donation! I really appreciate it, and it makes me want to do my best!

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