8th Year Anniversary!

Today marks the 8th year anniversary for Hetarchive! Starting back on July 22, 2009, I can’t believe it’s been so long!

To celebrate, I’m releasing some translation I had commissioned for the “Hetalia: Axis Powers W Academy Newspaper Club: Sports Festival Edition!” Drama CD! This CD was released back in 2013 and came packaged with the special edition of volume 6 of the Hetalia Axis Powers manga. I managed to get tracks 1-5 translated, but due to losing a lot of hours at work recently, I’ve been unable to finish commissioning tracks 6 and 7 (tracks 8 is a cast commentary track, so I’m not going to worry about that). To help out, I’ve opened up a Ko-fi page so I can accept small donations to assist with commissioning the last two tracks before the translator has to move on to other priorities. If you’d like to help, please visit the donation page.

I hope everyone enjoys the new translations!

EDIT: The remaining amount needed for the translation has been donated. Thank you to those who helped! I’ll post the next translations as soon as I get them!

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