2008 Christmas – Hyung and Anime and Christmas

Original (2008/12/26) | LJ Post: 1, 2
Translation: rouge-roseo321

■We’re making an anime together!■

…it won’t turn out like this, so it’s fine.
[Animation Joint Production in Korea]
The formalities on this page is like AmeComi’s. I’m looking forward to how it’ll turn out.

It’s an anime production soft. The newest version just came out, and it looks super easy to use!

[T/N: -In the first panel, the kanji in China’s bubble is his laugh, I think.
It was in the original, so I left it like that. Same with Korea’s.
-AmeComi is short for Ame Comi Quest which is for American Comics or something.]

■Anime Drawings■

Craftsman art.
There was really someone who did it!

[T/N: This is referring to Mickey Mouse, probably.]
■It’s a cool pose!■


[Byung Hun Lee]

A famous actor even Japan knows from “Beautiful Days.”
In his role, his teleporting skills are not to be messed with.
Byung Hun = Somehow suddenly becomes part of the background.
Ordinarily, even though he’s supposed to be a teleporter,
for some reason, when someone is dying or with his first love,
he’s just in time. A mysterious person.

■For me, Christmas is just an ordinary day!■