2006 Christmas – Asian and Western Festivals

Original (2007/05/15) | LJ Post
Translation: pomgrenadier

■Asian and Western Festivals■

[T/N: On the sign, bugyou 奉行 translates to “shogunate administrator” or “magistrate.”
It could be short for nabe bugyou 鍋奉行.

Japanese nabe 鍋 (or maybe in this case, Chinese hu? gu? 火? AKA hot pot)
is a cuisine where you have a pot of water/stock/soup simmering in the middle,
and then people can throw in meat/veggies/whatever to cook on the table.

A nabe bugyou is like the head of the table who makes themselves
responsible for making sure everything is cooked and served the proper way.

Out of all the Asian Hetalia countries, only Japan doesn’t celebrate the Lunar New Year.
(China, Hong Kong, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam all do)

Japan used to observe Lunar New Year, but stopped after 1873 (5 years after the Meiji Restoration)
and began to celebrate the new year on January 1.

My Japanese isn’t good, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know!]