Continuing Work…

I was really busy for a few weeks. I finally got back to doing some work on the site. You’ll probably notice the Scanlations drop down menu has a couple more links, but they aren’t complete. I’m just going to end up jumping around for a bit as I rearrange some strips and fix some links. Specifically, I’m changing the “Events” section into a general “Holiday” section, so all holiday related strips and events will be in one spot. There’s a few early strips there, and I moved over some nonlinear strips too. Still so far to go, but it’s progress!

Nonlinear Work

Just to announce, I have been working on moving over the Nonlinear strips to wordpress. There’s a lot of them, so it’ll take a while, but I linked up the navigation page just so the progress can be seen. I will be making some adjustments as I move these over so that they follow the listing on Himaruya’s website a little closer. This means that the Comic Diary strips will also be moved to nonlinear, but strips that have only been published on Himaruya’s blog will be moved to their own section. It should make sense when it’s done.

Main Storyline Scanlations Up!

First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been a little busy, and with the uncertainty of what may happen with livejournal, I was working on importing the old livejournal Hetalia community over to the dreamwidth Hetalia community, so we’d have everything backed up just in case. A lot of the older scanlations and translations came from livejournal, so we didn’t want to lose that information.

Anyway, since that’s mostly done, I finally finished copying over the Main Storyline scanlations to the new layout! These are some of the longest webcomic strips, so they took a while, but they’re done! Please let me know if you come across any issues or errors within them.

I’ve got a little convention to prepare for this weekend, so it may be a little while before I can update again.

Drama CD Translations are back up!

The past week I’ve been working on transferring the Drama CD translations over. They are finally available again, along with a more extensive catalogue of what Drama CDs have been released. Unfortunately a lot of them don’t have translations or are incomplete. Please let me know if you know of any Drama CD translations that I am missing or if you’d be willing to translate any of them.


Hello! As you can see, we’re trying out something new for the site! We’re switching over to a WordPress site so that we can integrate more of the site together as well as make it searchable and mobile friendly. Currently there’s a decent amount of content down as I work out the basics, but the scanlations are still available through the old directory for now. The blog mirror will remain separate.

I have no ETA for when the site will be complete, but I will work on it as I have time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance for your patience!