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Update: November 1, 7:14am CST

In case you missed the news, Himaruya is doing a Halloween event this year! As always, the event will be mirrored here. Be sure to check by regularly!

2013 Halloween Event

Update: September 23, 1:34pm CST

If you've been following the tumblr updates, you've probably seen most of this, but just to give an official update:

Update: July 8, 12:22pm CST

Another update! This time I'm announcing the new Drama CD Translation section! Here I've collected all the fan translations that have been done for the various drama CDs. Unfortunately there are a lot that are incomplete. If you know of any translations that I am missing, or if you'd like to contribute and translate one yourself to be hosted here, please send me a message. Enjoy the translations!

The other side of this update is the removal of the Audio section. This is only because it is too hard to maintain the links to make sure everything is available (believe me, I tried). As a reminder, I have a Delicious account to keep track of what's still working on LJ, but that's the best I can offer. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: July 7, 9:25pm CST

A little late in coming for some, but I added a few more RPs to the RP Masterlist. I apologize to those that waited a while. The new additions are a general RP: Hetalia RP; a multiverse RP: Hetalia Multiverse; and two Gakuen RPs: Academy of the World and No World Like Ours. Happy roleplaying!

Update: July 1, 9:45am CST

Added the new Birz ep 18!

Update: June 30, 10:30am CST

I added an RSS feed to the mainpage to share news that I post and reblog on tumblr easier. I hope this is beneficial to visitors. I know it'll make updating a bit easier for me.

Update: May 1, 7:14pm CST

Added the new Birz ep 17 today! Also, the other day I added some pictures to the image gallery, but it's mostly just book covers and CD covers. Enjoy!

Update: Apr 25, 2:05pm CST

I did an activity check on the RP Masterlist and added a couple. Lemme know if there are any active RPs out there that I can add in.

Update: Apr 20, 1:57pm CST

Yesterday I added a new, well, an old comic under the Scanlations Extra section. It's a couple pages Himaruya submitted to a doujinshi anthology. They had never been scanned before, and I got a copy, so... Enjoy a couple page from the Kitayume Anthology Hetalian.

Update: Apr 9, 9:24am CST

Just going to announce that I finally got to adding the rest of the Comic Birz scanlations, so those are up-to-date now.

Update: Apr 2, 01:01am CST

I hope everyone enjoyed my silly April Fools' event. The questions were really fun! If you want to see them, you can click here, but new questions are not being accepted. All right, back to regular activities now!

Update: Mar 24, 6:05pm CST

Just updating to say I'm off of hiatus.

Update: Mar 12, 2:22pm

I'm going to take a hiatus from hetarchive until after March 23rd. The reason being is that I'm going to have an art table at a convention and I really need to take time to focus on just that and hetarchive is distracting (I get addicted lol)! This just mean that I won't be answering questions right away or updating the site until after the convention. I probably will reblog important Hetalia stuff on tumblr when I notice them, but otherwise I'm going to be focusing on art.

Thanks for your understanding!

Update: Feb 27, 6:44pm

I am announcing officially on this site that I will be changing the focus of the website to focus on official Hetalia scanlations and other translated material. I've decided that the original purpose of this site, to serve as a link hub for the LJ community has become obsolete. Part of this is because many of the old download links don't function anymore, part of it because streaming episodes are more readily available with FUNimation simulcasting the new season, and also because the Hetalia community itself seems to have moved more towards places like tumblr.

What this means for the site:

This mean that the Scanlations section will be pulled forward to become the main body of the site. Other translations for games, CD dramas, etc will also remain on the site and have their own sections. Blog translations will continue to be collected on the Bamboo Thicket 2 mirror. The character profiles will also stay and I'll try to expand on them more. Song lyrics/translations will not be kept as they are readily available on the Hetalia wiki.

I went through the old links on the site for the anime, audio and game sections and collected the ones that are still functioning on a Delicious bookmark account, so they're not completely gone. The Images section will also be staying. I'm still working out what to do with the Extras section, I'll make sure everything stays available in one way or another.

I apologize if this change upsets anyone, but I feel this is the best direction to go with site. Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an ask via my ask box or tumblr.

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